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Glion prepares for MasterChef competition

Glion has always advocated a friendly atmosphere, where students have the opportunity to leave their stamp on campus life. One way is through events, with the latest being the Glion MasterChef competition. For those who do not know, MasterChef is an international television series in which talented chefs compete against one another, with a contestant being eliminated each episode. Our students got inspired by this TV show and organized their

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What is the Glion Student Government Association?

At Glion Institute of Higher Education, there are many different ways for you to get your voice heard. You could join a club, a committee or a society, and if they don’t have one that fits your particular interests, you can create your own. One of our most successful organisations is our Student Government Association (SGA), which sees an elected group of our students oversee a variety of our clubs,

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Introducing the Glion Networking Committee

When you study at Glion Institute of Higher Education, you have the chance to enjoy a fulfilling student life. One way is through our many societies, groups and committees, which brings likeminded individuals together to enjoy various activities. A great example is the Glion Networking Committee, which organises industry visits, hosts conferences and looks after external guests. The founders, Matthieu Petit, Patrik Sebastian Kuhn, Parham Zaim Zadeh, Pierre Pavlovsky, and

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What goes on at Glion London?

When you study at Glion Institute of Higher Education, you get to enjoy two amazing locations. As well as enjoying the cultural delights and breathtaking beauty of Switzerland, you also get to study Swiss hospitality in the thriving metropolis of London. Home to over 100 five-star hotels and 72 Michelin-starred restaurants, the UK’s capital city is the perfect place to perfect your hospitality skills. But what goes on at Glion

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Luxury Brand Expert Shares Experiences In Glion Lecture

As part of Glion’s Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality specialization, many external guest speakers and lecturers visit our campuses to share their professional experience and provide our students with some useful tips for their future careers. Recently, we welcomed David Rofeh, CEO and Founder of Brand Equity Capital, who shared with us his extensive experience of conducting marketing and communications for luxury brands. A career in luxury After completing his

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