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9 Surprising Benefits of Hospitality Jobs

There has never been a better time to launch a career in hospitality. Luxury tourism is at an all time high, the travel and tourism industry is growing steadily, and hospitality companies are hiring like crazy.  More than ever, the hospitality industry is seeing exciting developments in technology and customer experience, leading to more diverse and specialized employment opportunities. All the signs point to hospitality careers being a good choice.

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10 signs a hospitality career is right for you

The hospitality industry is vast and it continues to grow steadily around the world, outpacing global GDP growth and most other industries on the planet.  In 2016, travel and tourism supported 284 million jobs, the equivalent to 1 in 11 jobs in the global economy, and it is anticipated to support over 370 million jobs by 2026 (WTTC Economic Impact Report, 2016). That means: 8.6 million new job opportunities every year,

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The future of hospitality careers is grey…haired

Three ways hospitality managers can get into the luxury health services market for the world’s aging population. We’ve heard a lot about Millennials in the hospitality and tourism industries lately, but let’s not forget about our elders. The aging Baby-Boomers are now seeking new solutions for lodging, health care and vacations as they advance in the twilight years. And according to many sources, health care jobs related to the elderly

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