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Are you ready to cloud your private data?

  2013 marked the official launch of the clouding service offered by telecom companies and other major hardware and software providers. Smart marketing campaigns have been launched to try and convince users of the benefits of reaching any files, from anywhere. Such a nice promise, clouding could be the solution to accessing your data from your laptop or your mobile device without having to worry about storage capacity limitations. And

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Where are your communication priorities?

I remember well the massive advertising campaigns conducted by the majors operators in the 90’s. They stated how telephones, laptops computers and other smart tools would change our lives; how easy and fast we would be able to communicate with our colleagues, clients and how convenient it would be for reporting, at all levels. Within a decade, the number of users went through the roof, antennas were installed in all

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I have a dream (…for Human Resources Managers)

I have a dream when Human Resources managers will start to come with new solutions. Since the 80’s, there has been a new addition to executive board meetings, providing direction and guidelines on how to drive our forces in and out of the office, how to develop new programs to guarantee higher employee retention, and how to prepare anyone who has potential to advance to the next level. This member

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Who has the right internet pricing strategy?

There is a passionate debate raging amongst the top hospitality companies on what the right internet pricing strategy should be. On one side, you have companies suggesting it’s a ‘must’ to provide this service on complimentary basis to all clients, by covering all guest rooms and public areas. Either they want to put across a modern / high-tech message to the clientele that says “we know what you need and

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Ignore online reviews at your peril!

Can anyone can help me understand why some hotel executives do not respond to online guest review channels? Even if I’ve become used to thinking out of the box over the years, I still haven’t found any valid reasons to justify why operation executives do not respond to electronic reviews. I have heard all kind of excuses such as: ‘we have too much reporting to prepare,’ ‘I have been busy

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