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How hospitality management schools prepare us for innovation

Four years ago, as a high-school graduate, I was faced with making an important decision: choosing a university. This meant I had to choose not only where I would go for the next four years of my life but also choose my future career and lifestyle. If choosing what kind of college to attend is hard, choosing which one is even harder. I was interested in hospitality for many reasons

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#HeForSheGlion, by Students For Humanity

#HeForSheGlion Facebook #HeForSheGlion Instagram   Gender inequality is an issue existing in this world for as long as any history books have recorded. Various manifestations and people (both men and women) have fought against it throughout the years, but despite some positive changes, the issue still persists today. In medieval times, women were granted the title of Queen only if they married a King. In 1789, the French Revolution questions the

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HR for Hospitality Managers (and Applicants)

Imagine you are promoted to a managerial position in a hotel company. Imagine having to make tough decisions that affect the overall productivity, image and customer satisfaction of your hotel. Imagine that you must manage a team of professionals in order to do this. Now try to imagine how challenging it will be to delegate the right responsibilities to the right people, let alone recruiting, training and monitoring all of them. Welcome

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Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Hospitality Industry

I have a lot of acquaintances asking me what motivated me to pursue a career in the hotel and tourism industry. They would be better off asking me to define the purpose of life or explain astrophysics, because there is no clear and certain answer to that question. It all depends on what a person seeks from choosing to work in hotels. Hospitality has history… The reasons are just about

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Finding the right internship through Glion

Benjamin Franklin really knew what he was talking about when he said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Internships do just that, they involve a person, allowing them to gain work experience to progress on a professional and personal basis. Here’s the basic process by which we Glion students find internships and carry them out, and what we gain from

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