When a Glion alumna stands on the other side of the room….

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed one of our alumni, Hannah Béraud-Hindi, to give our students a lecture on digital communication in hospitality. This took place on our London campus two weeks ago, and it was Hannah’s second guest lecture this year after she visited the Bulle campus in August. Hannah graduated in 2013 and since then has gone on to work for Grand Hotel du Lac in Switzerland, Philip Morris, Proximity, Apple and Caprice in various roles pertaining to F&B, client services, consumer engagement, brand and account management and social media.

The class offered our students an outlook on the generally ‘robotised’ approach taken to digital and social media, which does not suit the hospitality industry well. Hannah talked about the notion of bringing back emotions in the digital world and how it’s important to have a human touch to help customers of the millennial generation relate to hospitality brands better.

The students offered their perspective on the brands they follow on social media and how they think their presence could be improved. Some of the examples offered gave a very good representation of how to and not to convey your hotel’s DNA, whether you are five-star, independent, niche, innovative or traditional.

We decided to embrace new digital technologies for the occasion and live-streamed the class via Facebook Live for all our students to see, regardless of campus. You can see the full class here:



Once again, a big thank you to Hannah for taking the time to visit us and enrich our students’ learning with her valuable lessons in digital and social media activations within the hospitality industry.

If you are interested to hear more about the digital world and its effects on the hospitality industry, check out this interview given by Hannah on the London campus:



Read more about the lectures and about emotions in the digital world on the Hannah Beraud Digital Communications website.

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