Memories of the old times: first day in Glion

I would like to write about something that all Glion students surely remember: their arrival at Glion upon the first semester. I will never forget that day and the apprehension I felt as I arrived.

Glion-Hotel-SchoolAlthough I already knew Switzerland, and was coming from a border country, France, it was a great change for me and from my former life.
I remember that more than anything else I was freaking out at the idea of who I would share a room with. I had been raised well away from summer camps or pyjama parties, and had never shared my room! The general housekeeper of the school who welcomed my parents and me, told me the name of my roommate. I went straight to the board where the pictures of the students were hanging up to check what she looked like 😉

Afterwards I went to my room which was in the Club building, right at the bottom. No need for me to go to the gym after climbing the stairs every day!

After saying our goodbyes to our families, we had a meeting that afternoon with the faculty. Where should I sit in the room? Who should I sit next to? I discovered, while seeing students coming in, that two of my acquaintances from Paris were in my class. I felt relieved at that for sure. I do not remember the speech that was made by the director of the school but the thing I will never forget is that I understood I was entering a new life with new rules. I was only 18 and more used to wearing jeans and sneakers than skirts or high heels. But it was also the beginning of three years of a tremendous adventure in a multi-cultural environment with great people who became my friends and with whom I still share so much, and with great pleasure.

mayfairhouseAnd you know where I really came to believe that I would love studying at Glion?

Down in Montreux, at the Mayfair (it was the trendy place at that time for Glionners), where we all met, randomly, to party on the first night like we still do today.

Olivia Prangey Amzalag




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