Alumni’s journey from student president to entrepreneur

For Vincent Thiers, there is always something to remind him about his time at Glion. His passion and commitment to the school saw him become President of the Student Government Association (SGA), and ignited his desire to become an entrepreneur. Not only that, but his connection to Glion goes deeper – he met his future wife while studying here. Vincent is now Co-Founder and Managing Director of Cinch Media, as well as Senior Account Manager of DM&S Communications. He spoke to our Student Ambassador, Nicholas, about his career, and life at and beyond Glion.

How Glion shaped you

Glion gave Vincent more than just an educational degree. It provided him with the chance to communicate with people from many different cultures. “The experience made me less narrow-minded, and more open to any kind of experience around the world,” he said. Vincent enhanced his experiences at Glion through internship opportunities, the ESE program and the school’s excellent facilities. His appetite to know more about the school’s faculty and students led him to joining the SGA.

The SGA, Vincent feels, acts as an excellent platform to communicate feedback that can enhance the experience for both students and faculty. While a member, his natural leadership skills saw him become President during his final semester. With a hunger to make changes for student life, and with an amazing team of students behind him, the SGA sparked Vincent’s interest in entering entrepreneurship.

Becoming an entrepreneur

One of Vincent’s first aims in life was to manage his own company. Knowing this, he never said no to any opportunity that brought him closer to that target. “Every job you get should be bringing you closer to reaching your goal,” he said. “Remember that your goal is most likely going to be different than the one from the person sitting next to you.” Vincent’s passion saw him launch his own company, Cinch Media FZ. It provides photography and videography services to the events industry, as well as other sectors.

Vincent is now working for a communication agency in Belgium, but is already in the process of acquiring a company to manage himself. He has made a couple of different career moves that are helping shape him into becoming a managing director for his future company. Vincent wants to establish it his next company as a future leader in its segment.

Life after Glion

Vincent’s connections to Glion didn’t just end on graduation day. As well as his wife, whom he lives with in Belgium, he also stays in contact with other classmates. As Vincent says “It’s hard not to be reminded of Glion on a daily basis”. “Now that everybody (from my class) is getting married, I get to travel all over the world for these celebrations and see everybody again!” Vincent joked.

Glion has been a platform and community that will be relevant for the rest of Vincent’s life. “It’s up to students to fully take advantage of that,” he said. “Don’t just graduate. Stay in touch with students, faculty and alumni, and don’t hold back on reaching out to them.

“Glion shaped me in the person that I am today, so I guess in everything I do, there’s a little bit of Glion embedded.”

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