From hospitality to entrepreneurship, a Glion alumnus story

Alexandre Tramontana’s (Class of 2011) story begins like that of many hospitality graduates. Coming from a family of restaurant owners, a degree in hospitality management was a natural choice for an ambitious young man from Monaco who fell in love with the Glion campus on his first visit. But it was the hospitality management courses that changed his trajectory by showing him another side of hospitality which goes behind the scenes of hotel lobbies and restaurants into the number-crunching, hard-core business skills that entrepreneurs need to be successful in today’s competitive, globalized economy.

Through his studies at Glion, Alexandre discovered his passion for business, and more specifically for entrepreneurship, which he explored in the hospitality management courses. This budding interest in entrepreneurial finance led him to obtain his Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management with a specialization in Finance and Revenue.

“Upon achieving my Bac S with honors, I had the chance to be accepted and enroll at Glion,” Alexandre said, “I rapidly became interested in the finance courses on cost control, accounting and entrepreneurship. It became clear that managing a hotel or restaurant is not all about keeping the clients happy; it’s also about making a profitable business. For this reason, I decided to finish my bachelor degree in hospitality with a specialization in Finance and Revenue Management.”

From his experiences at Glion, Alexandre was most impressed by the soft skills he acquired on internships and through the multicultural student life on campus.

“My internships were unique experiences that allowed me to discover new places and new cultures. I was especially influenced by my experience in Thailand, where I did my second internship as F&B Management Trainee at Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts in Phuket,” explains Alexandre, “What’s more, having the chance to evolve in a university setting with students from 90 nationalities taught me about community life, cultural understanding and tolerance. These qualities are very important in today’s business world.”

After Glion, Alexandre entered his family restaurant business to apply his newly acquired hospitality management skills to the benefit of the establishment which grew under his guidance.

“Following my graduation, I went to work in the family restaurant. I applied the knowledge that I gained during my studies at Glion in order to update the establishment. These efforts had a very positive impact as the profits and the clients have increased steadily since,” said Alexandre. “However, my passion for business entrepreneurship caught up with me after only 2 years. That is why I decided to create my own small business, on the internet this time.”

Hospitality management education has multiple applications, as Alexandre proved by launching a small business that has nothing to do with hospitality.


“Being a sportsman for many years, I developed an interest for sports nutrition,” he said, “I launched the site in 2013, specializing in the online sales of nutritional supplements and accessories for athletes. Once again, the knowledge of cost control and revenue that I acquired at Glion helped me to develop a pricing model which allows the site to remain competitive in Europe.”

As if one successful online retail site weren’t enough, Alexandre has projects to expand his business, in part, thanks to the friendships and network he formed during his time at Glion.

“Today, the international network that I developed as a student of Glion allows me to plan for an expansion of my online sales activities, notably to the Maghreb, with some Glion friends who, after four years of studies together, have become like brothers and who will be my colleagues.”

We congratulate Alexandre on his success as an entrepreneur and thank him for sharing his story which proves that a degree in hospitality management can open many doors, including the door (or , in this case, the homepage) to one’s own business.

For more information about the Hospitality Management courses in Finance and Entrepreneurship, visit the Glion website.

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