Finding love at Glion

When you study at Glion, you make lifelong connections that stretch across the globe. However, sometimes these bonds are much deeper than friendships or business contacts. That’s certainly been the case for Irina Agapova and Matvey Shapovalov, who fell in love at Glion and have since married. 

Both Irina and Matvey met while studying our BBA Hospitality Management course, specializing in Real Estate Finance and Revenue Management. The two met while Matvey was on his first semester and Irina was on her third, with Matvey instantly smitten. “The first time I saw her was when she was carrying out her practical arts duty as a receptionist in Hotel des Alpes,” Matvey said. “I fell in love at first sight. We started dating pretty much immediately.”

However, their early days together were far from straightforward. While Matvey elected to stay in Switzerland for his internship, Irina conducted hers in Mauritius (approximately over 5,000 miles away). Luckily, their love conquered such an obstacle. “We managed to stay together in a long-distance relationship,” Matvey said. “We then moved in together during our next semester.”

Creating lifelong relationships

After finding a place together, they then took the step into marriage. “We got married in 2016, while I was still studying and Irina was passing her last internship,” Matvey said. Although the wedding was only small – consisting of “only 20 or so people” – the close bonds created at Glion meant a number of alumni were in attendance. “We still hold close ties to a number of our friends from Glion,” Matvey said. “Travel is also very nice, as there is always someone to visit all around the world.”

There were further hurdles in the way – both had to try and secure jobs in the same city, while Matvey conducted his Swiss national service – but eventually the couple settled in Geneva. “We currently live together in an apartment,” Matvey said. “Irina works at J.P. Morgan as Hedge Fund Trading Support, while I work as an Industries Audit Assistant at EY.”

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