Why I chose Glion for my online MBA

Hello! My name is Ulysses Theoharis. I am of Greek origin and a few days ago I turned 46 years old. A couple of weeks ago, I concluded the GLION online MBA in International Hospitality and Service Industries Management after two years and eight months (this is how much it actually takes). Next week, beginning of September 2013 that is, I will be relocating with my family to Bangkok, Thailand following my dream to live in South East Asia and work in the Thai Hospitality industry.




But let’s take it from the beginning!
It was the year 2009 when I realized that I had to do something with my career otherwise in a few years I wouldn’t have a career. At the time, I was working as a Food & Beverage Manager, Operations Manager and Chef (Yes all three! No mistake there!), for a Greek company specializing in restaurants and the import / distribution in Greece of gourmet food from France and Italy. I already had 15+ years of experience in hotels and restaurants. Also the famous Greek crisis was really gaining momentum and was slowly becoming the amazing thing that has today destroyed Greece and decimated Greek society.

At the time I didn’t have the possibility to follow a land based MBA program, due to work and family obligations. So I decided to search for an online MBA program in Hospitality Management. After many months of online searching, I had arrived to the conclusion that only individual courses were on offer online or the traditional Masters in Business Administration. Also, most of these courses were offered by universities that were not specializing in hospitality. I had already researched Glion and if I was able I would have joined the land based MBA in Hospitality Management, but that was not the case.

DSCN0768You see, for my plan / dream to become viable I needed a solid diploma from a university with excellent reputation. Glion being in the three top schools for hospitality studies fitted my plans. So I waited and finally I got lucky. In the beginning of 2010, I was informed that GLION was going to initiate an online MBA in Hospitality Management in August of that year.

It took me another six months to arrange my schedule and I finally applied for the term that started in January 2011. Looking back at it, I am relieved that I took these six months to arrange everything before commencing my studies because otherwise I am sure that I would have had a few time management issues if I started earlier than January 2011.

Three issues need special attention from the previous paragraphs, age, being proactive and time management.

To Be Continued……..

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  • Hi!

    just started the online MBA program with Glion and I’m very curious to know more about your experience in this online program and your advise please!!


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