3 Ways My Glion MBA Transformed My Working Life

Eddy BrosseGlion alumnus Eddy Brosse gives us insight into the three main ways his hospitality management career has prospered, through his Master of Business Administration in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management degree program.

He even accomplished one of these career milestones before graduating with his MBA qualification!

Eddy graduated from Glion in 2013 with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Hospitality & Service Industries Management; Specialization Track: Asset Management & e-Marketing, and is now General Manager at the Hôtel Campanile London – Dartford.

A competitive edge

“I’d decided to earn my MBA to fill the gaps in my knowledge, while finally obtaining recognition for my years of experience on the job. Something I’m sure we all desire!

I knew as well, of course, that with a higher level of education I would be able to compete more effectively in the job market.

Selecting the Glion MBA – Online

I selected to study with Glion mainly for its reputation as a Swiss institution. I now know that the Swiss ethics, international exposure and amazing networking opportunities that the university provides are what I will remember the most about studying with Glion.

I consider the MBA good value – especially versus a more expensive executive program leading to no qualification that I had compared it to at the time! I’d also experienced e-learning before and loved the flexibility that it provides, so I knew that learning online while working would suit me well. 

A transformational journey

It has been an amazing journey: 2.5 years of learning and growing as we went along. And I felt it from very early on – a real snowball effect.

Here are my three main promotions and accomplishments that would not have been possible without my MBA.

1. Attaining a Deputy General Manager position – before graduation

A year into my 2.5-year online program I was working in Paris as a self-employed management consultant for small to medium-sized businesses, mainly in the hospitality sector.

This was just before I moved back to London for good. I had been a Londoner for nearly 15 years, on and off, and most of my career had taken place in London. I could not have achieved so much and so swiftly back in France, plus I feel London is one of the capitals for quality of life. It is ‘home’.

My MBA allowed me to secure a Deputy General Manager opportunity at the busy Holiday Inn London – Camden Lock.

For this role I needed the open-mindedness that the MBA brings as well as the perspectives on best practices (from human resources to social media), plus a lot of thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo (which is right up my alley)!

Even if I had grabbed this role without my MBA, I would not have enjoyed myself or developed as much as I did during my time working at this property.


2. Attaining my first General Manager role and first hotel opening

Within a year of graduating with my MBA, I was able to sign my first general manager role and first hotel opening at the Holiday Inn London – Watford Junction.

I would not have felt confident enough to go for the opening at Watford Junction and perhaps would not have stood a chance, without my MBA. It also enabled me to become more grounded which helped me to stay calm when challenges presented themselves.

Overall a fabulous experience and there again working for a small family business did bring many challenges – challenges I would not have otherwise been able to overcome without all of the amazing knowledge that I had built up through my MBA program.

Applying my MBA in this role

One of the ways I applied my MBA in this role was in human resources management.

After learning about ‘the value profit chain’ and other best practices, I decided to apply the ‘inverted pyramid’ organizational structure to my workplace, in order to make a difference and test an out of the norm concept that makes so much sense!

So I recruited accordingly from the inception of Holiday Inn London – Watford Junction. I didn’t want duty managers and could not afford enough department heads anyway, so the whole team was in charge – as stated on the board at the entrance to the property.

This resulted in a highly motivated and enthusiastic team that went through loads of challenges but achieved excellent guest satisfaction results:

  • Number one on TripAdvisor above 14 other hotels within three months of opening!
  • Above brand average on InterContinental Hotels internal guest satisfaction survey!
  • Financially sound – number one in its market within four months!

I seriously believe that, for me, the online format was more fruitful than the one-year on campus option would have been; over the course of 2.5 years I had plenty of opportunities to trial what I had learned in my workplace, the experience of which then fed back into the online learning environment, and so on.

3. Attaining my current General Manager role

I was being headhunted before my previous hotel had even opened, so I positioned the Holiday Inn on the Watford market and left a successful business and a strong team to jump into my new mission – a true mission indeed!

GBR15-home2Now, as General Manager of Hotel Campanile Dartford South East of London, I have embarked on an operational turnaround and have a fair few challenges to manage and learn from, but nothing that I cannot manage – just another piece of fun.

I have been asked to be entrepreneurial – then so be it!

Recently, I would not have had a key discussion with my new manager if it wasn’t for the knowledge I have gained through my MBA, and so possibly would have missed another good work opportunity. 

Instinctive knowledge – proven

During my master’s program, it was very interesting to see that typical work attitudes I had developed over the years were actually and suddenly backed up by research such as ‘the value profit chain’ or what J.W. Marriott Sr, founder of luxury hotel chain Marriott International, famously put more simply:

“It takes happy employees to make happy customers”

This is something I had gathered through my years of observation of best (and worst) practices!

Improving my professional outlook

office deskI was very humble when first ‘stepping in’ to the program. I had loads of experience but very little academic background. Yet it was fun from the start and maybe even more fun as we went deeper and deeper into the program.

Making connections with international professionals who were at various stages of their working life (some with a lot more experience than myself) helped me to feel at home.

The MBA did the rest and I even felt informed and comfortable enough to debate heavily on different topics with our lecturers and Academics at the school. I had come a long way from my initial ‘inferiority complex’ for not having studied much to becoming a much more secure student and professional, while still remaining humble.

I am a lot more settled now and I even discovered pleasure in finance – it is not ‘double Dutch’ to me anymore – and research, in which I have plans for the future.

Developing personally too

I feel that during the program I really developed personally and with that came more confidence, improved emotional intelligence and a lot more structure in my business methods.

Now I have the ability to maintain focus on my objectives, in short – I am in the driver’s seat.

I have also gained a better perspective on things. I have become more forward-thinking and have gained the ability to see the larger picture. I also generally have more of a critical outlook.

For example, I banned the ‘everyone does this’ from my register and I now systematically challenge others on it. Who is ‘everyone’? It means everything and nothing.

So I now expect fact-based decisions rather than generalized assumptions.

This is the end of Part 1. Here is Part 2.

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