3 Ways My Glion MBA Transformed My Working Life (Part 2)

This is Part 2. Here is Part 1. 

Global networking

The online platform enabled plenty of networking opportunities as we were connecting with each other from across the world, which brought a lot of new perspectives.

Discussions thrived on this and it was a great way to gain knowledge and experience from various cultures around the world.

I now feel very fortunate to have more friends across the globe, both former fellow students… and Academics! It was amazing to learn from lecturers based in Switzerland, Europe and the USA.

We collaborated with our international peers. In the strategy course we completed group work – this is where I got my best mark! In eight weeks, the three members of our group (one in China, one in Thailand and myself in Europe) were tasked to put together a new opening project somewhere in the world.

This was amazing and interesting, albeit challenging, to work together without really meeting together or being in the same time zone even! 


Eddy at graduationEven though support was always just an email or call away we quickly felt the need to meet our new acquaintances which only confirmed our existing ‘e-friendship’.

If we’d had the chance to meet and work together side-by-side occasionally this could only have been beneficial, so I see how the Glion MBA hybrid (that combines online education with short study periods on campus in London) would also be a solid choice for many.

The master’s program allowed each of us to connect with like-minded people. I have made many friends all over the world and amongst them two close friends: one in the US and one in Hong Kong. We are regularly in touch.

Meeting for graduation, the first time for the majority of us, was like an old school reunion – just incredible – as we hadn’t known each other three years prior and some of us had never met, but it certainly didn’t feel that way!

Now, I also collaborate with former lecturers who have also become friends. Being part of Glion is about being part of a great and large network covering the globe: like-minded professionals graduating from a respectable institution.

Current and future prospects

All in all, I got a great deal more than anticipated. I don’t need to add the three letters ‘MBA’ to my business cards or signature. This is now something that is in me and it won’t go away.

All that I have accrued in the process helps me daily yet pushes me to go further in what I do. For example, I would also like to carry on now toward a Doctorate of Business Administration; I found myself also caught at this game, you see.

An advocate of higher education

Due to my own experience, I am pushing all I can to send colleagues, co-workers and friends …toward the MBA or similar personal development programs. ‘Knowledge is power’ as they say; also power to look at the much bigger picture and make your own decisions.

Higher education is great to complement real-life experience and great to provide structure to our employees and colleagues, giving them a chance to further develop and consequently produce more value for their organization. Meanwhile, their efforts become more effective and they have the power to give their company a real competitive advantage.

We are also in a labor-intensive industry; therefore, a good dose of being secure helps managers to lead their teams much more effectively. If you feel you are ready for it and that it is the right move – then go for it!

It is the best investment you could make for the present and your future, both personally and professionally. 

GIHE MBA class picture

Joining the Alumni Association of Glion (AAG)

On becoming an alumnus, I felt definitely part of something big. I was proud.

Then I was invited to participate in the Glion Webzine and I enjoy writing blog posts. I have also been called to the London campus for a couple of presentations in classes, which led me to become a part-time lecturer. I ran the operations management course during one semester last year already.

I could suddenly make a difference by impacting our students before they even reached the job market.

Glion alumni

Alumni Ambassador of Glion – UK Alumni Chapter

I am also now an alumni ambassador for the UK, which means that I am to lead the UK Alumni Chapter with my colleagues Hannah Beraud and Derek Hiscoke.

We organize professional networking gatherings and social events throughout the year and try to keep the ‘Glion Spirit’ alive in London (mainly) by encouraging each member to support one another, etc. We are the interface between the global Alumni Association of Glion and our local alumni members in the UK.

So you could say that I have a hand in many of Glion’s initiatives! I am very proud of our institution; I fight for it and challenge it all the same with the same objectives in mind. Always moving forward and upward, supporting the value of education delivered at its best, as much as I can. Yet I remain very humble.” 

We warmly thank our alumni member Eddy for sharing his transformative journey with us, and wish him the best of luck in all of his current and future endeavors.

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